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Welcome to our Community!

When entering the group please introduce yourself.


When introducing yourself, feel free to share your name, what brings you here, and something you're passionate about. We're all about fostering connections and supporting each other's journeys, so don't hesitate to dive right in!

Group Guidlines:

This space is designed for women to come together, share experiences, seek advice, and celebrate achievements. Whether you need a supportive ear, a boost of motivation, or want to contribute your wisdom, this is the place for it. Let's uplift each other and create a vibrant community where every voice is heard and valued.

Group Rules ⬇️

Group Rules


Events are for members with an Elite, Premium or Annual plan. To book club tickets and join events you’ll need one of these memberships.


Confidentiality: What's shared in the group stays in the group. Respect each other's privacy and refrain from sharing personal stories or information outside of the community.

Supportive Feedback

Supportive Feedback: Offer constructive feedback and advice when requested, but always with the intention of helping and lifting each other up. Avoid criticism or negativity.


Inclusivity: Our community is open to all women, regardless of race, ethnicity, religion, or background. Let's embrace diversity and create a welcoming environment for everyone.


Empowerment: Share your wins, big or small, and celebrate each other's successes. We're here to uplift and inspire one another on our individual journeys towards empowerment.


Participation: Engage actively in discussions and activities. Your voice matters, and your input enriches the group experience for everyone.

No Promotion

No Promotion: This space is for genuine connection and support, not for promoting products or services. Refrain from advertising or spamming the group. We encourage promotion but only in the Business


Mindfulness: Be mindful of the language you use and the impact it may have on others. Avoid language or jokes that could be offensive or hurtful.


Moderation: Our moderators are here to ensure the group remains a safe and supportive space for all members. Follow their guidance and respect their decisions.


Respect: Treat each other with kindness and respect. We come from diverse backgrounds and perspectives, and it's important to honor and appreciate our differences.


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  • December 21, 2023


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