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Hi ladies,

Being that this is a female community built on supporting women's adventure and being a better version of ourselves. In our efforts to encourage self development. It was very important to bring our community together to give you an event where you can also gain informational resources, with a twist.

This event is open to all and we have brought together a varied line up of experts to not only give you a social experience but an opportunity to gain industry and financial knowledge and the encouragement needed to create your success.

This line up has been carefully selected based on some of your interest and expression for advancing financially, as entrepreneurs or in your careers. This is our 1st year partaking in International Womens Day and we hope you will all celebrate this with us forever showing that women from different backgrounds can come together!

Meet the speakers:

Rayanne Carla - Founder, Content Creation Girlies:

Learn from Rayanne Carla's pioneering journey in content creation. Gain insights into building a successful online community and hear how she went from navigating a digital landscape to building and Agency with empowerment at its core.

Aya Aromas - Founders, Georgette and Sophinne:

Join Georgette and Sophinne to explore the success story behind their globally recognized environmentally friendly home fragrance brand. Uncover the practical steps they took to turn passion into a thriving venture.

Sanskriti Igam - Financial Wellness Coach, Tax Director, and Investor:

Dive into financial empowerment with Sanskriti Igam. Understand her expertise in personal finance, corporate culture, and strategic investments. Gain practical insights to make informed financial decisions.

Demi Bradshaw - Founder, The LSM Club:

Hear from Demi and discover how The LSM Club is shaping the narrative for women in various fields. Learn about success through connections, shared experiences, and adventures and how women can collaborate within this community and society.

Workshop Sessions:

Each panelist will conduct a workshop, providing direct and actionable strategies for success in their respective domains.

We have also incorporated our lovely Mix and Mingle session into this event so that you can network directly with industry leaders and our community. Build valuable connections and gain direct insights that can encourage your journey to new heights.

We can't wait to absorb this evening with @Everyone

Hellen Aiguobasimwin


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