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So, there is this influencer called Achieng Agutu who I’ve followed for a while. The reason I like her is her radiant and infectious positivity on empowering herself and encouraging others to do the same. As we all know, there is a standard set of beauty and worthiness that comes with our society which not everyone fits in, and how you are treated sometimes depends on where other people put you in society’s so called beauty standard. But despite all that she chose to set her own standard of who she is. She fiercely promotes positive self love, positive self appreciation, positive self worth and notion that the only person who should set the standard of who you are, is yourself. It’s not anyone’s business to set the standard for who you are or who you should be in your life despite what they think of you. You are the only person who has that right, nobody else.

The reason I’m writing this post is I saw a post today of her showing how she has been featured in Sports illustrated alongside what would be considered the beauty norm in society. I’ve never been so happy and so proud of somebody that I didn’t know than I am of her today. She has come a long way from where she has started and she has always remained true to her belief that whether other people choose to celebrate her or not she continuously chooses to look after and celebrate herself and that’s what’s important.

As they say, “Nobody is you, and that is your superpower”.


I’ve posted some of her videos just to share, she has a range of them but I love the positive ones…….

Also please check out this link about embracing the uniqueness of you by Brian Ford 🩷.



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