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Selfcare Sundays 🌸

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Good evening ladies. Hope all is well with you this fine evening.

Since this group was started by our beautiful @Chikondi I’ve been trying to kind of establish what self care means to me. Or better yet, if I were to commence on a self care journey, what would it look like, what would it involve and how would it make me feel. As we can appreciate we are all different ladies, in different stages of our lives with different wants or needs, I’m curious to explore what self care means or looks like to everyone else in this group.

And what routines, if any do, people do, or would like to incorporate to ensure that they’ve looked after themselves everyday/every week/every month/every 3months/ every year.

Let’s share routines🌸

P.s if there’s anything worth sharing from social media please do.

I’m thinking of incorporating facial gua sha routine into my skin care. Has anybody tried it?



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