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Selfcare Sundays 🌸

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Happy self care Sunday beautiful ladies 🌸

I have been on a journey of self care and self development.

I did a female archetype quiz online a few month ago. Would highly recommend if anyone is interested it really helps you understand yourself better. It’s basically a framework that helps you understand your relationships with others and yourself.

So for today: get the quiz done. Looking forward to seeing what your female archetypes are 😝😝

Mine is the mother 🩷

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02. Juni

Happy Self-Care Sunday Gorgeous 🥰

I am very happy for you - well done! ❤️

This sounds great and right up my alley 💯 I am very interested and would like to do it 💕 Please send me the details 😊

Btw, I am not surprised with the outcome of your archetype ❤️ - The mother sounds about right! 👌🏾

Gefällt mir


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