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Hi Ladies! My name’s Amani, I’m new to LSM and I’ve been single for a few months after being with my ex for over a year. Keen to get out there and build a community with other females🌟🌟


How's everyone feeling about the dating scene these days? 😊 There's been talk about arranged marriages lately. With all the challenges in modern dating, does the idea of having your partner delivered on a platter sound so bad? Let's hear your thoughts! 🤔 @Everyone

Heres one for any of the skin lovers. Hold on to your seats and get ready to be exposed in a good way!

This Thursday our members have been invited to a naked speed dating event in Balham for valentines and as you might expect men are sold out . We can offer 5-10 ladies ages 25-40 free tickets!

Shout if you want it 😜


Hey Singletons, as we know there's a singles mixer coming up. Very rare we have these hosted but there will be a club host on Feb 10th so join us as we go on the search for LURV 😜


Welcome to our single ladies group! This is a space for sin...


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