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It’s Friyay!

Let’s get into blind purchases either based on a recommendation, a quick smell test in store or caught a whiff of something nice on someone else and thought to try it out!

Was your experience a hit or a miss? I hit the jackpot with LV’s — “Spell on you” earlier this year, doing a quick smell test in store and I’m not disappointed. Share your blind purchase jackpots or regrets.

Wishing all the fragrance lovers a fab Friyay!  Encourage another lady with your words while you are out and about today, perhaps with something like..

“You Smell Amazing”

Jul 07

Valentino born in Roma.

I bought this perfume because of the review and hype I saw online. It has top notes of blackcurrant and bergamot, and base notes of bourbon vanilla and cashmeran etc.

I wasn’t disappointed at the purchase, will definitely buy again.



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