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Avora: A new world cocktail experiences

Avora provides unique cocktail experiences that is the first of their kind in London. People are able to experience and discover another world engulfed with mystery and light. The world is brought to life through theoretical sets along with a talented cast of actors, and of course cocktails! It’s a perfect outing for your group. You can do it on your own too! Meet other locals and discover Avora, a lush paradise and a feast for your eyes.

The entire cocktail making experience revolves around discovering ingredients for your drinks. You and your friends get to explore the new world and find ingredients for three extraordinary cocktails that you will enjoy towards the end. The experience is so unique, you won’t realise when day becomes night within the magical new land. You will be struck by the mystical woodlands which would be explored with the help of the local inhabitants, the Avorians.

On arrival, you would be greeted and welcomed to the Roscorp Laboratory where you would be provided with a purpose-built jumpsuit for missions. Put on your suits and head to your briefing from Dr C. Shelly. Onwards from where your adventure starts! Collect samples of substances from Avora to make your drinks and live temporarily in this beautiful new world. As you go through your day, you will witness the world coming to life, with the help of this immersive bar. The bioluminescent properties of the ecosystem light up the dark and transform it into an unreal landscape.

Can you gain the trust of the Avorians and discover all the wonders of their world? But things might not seem so easy. You would have to make a decision on the fate of the world! Would you exploit it? Or would you save Avora!

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