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From Papua New Guinea to London Socials: Ayeesha's Journey

Hey there ladies! We recently had a chat with a Papua New Guinean member of the London Socials Members Club, and boy was it enlightening! She shared with us her background, what motivated her to come to the UK, and her experiences as a member of the club. Here's what she had to say! Growing up in a strict Christian family, with her dad serving in the army and her mom running her own business from home, she learned early on the importance of working hard to achieve her dreams. Despite the strict upbringing, she still had a blast as a kid and even dreamt of traveling the world. And guess what? She saved up and made that dream come true by traveling to the UK for the first time! When we asked her about the cultural differences she experienced between the UK and Papua New Guinea, she told us that everything was different, from the language to the way people interact with each other. But she loved the people in the UK; they were super friendly and welcoming, which made the transition easier. Now, let's talk about the London Socials Members Club! She joined and found the ladies to be gorgeous, inside and out! The events were fantastic too, like bowling and nail bar sessions, and everyone was so welcoming and friendly. She even made some lifelong friends. As a shy person, she had a tough time adapting to the social scene in London. But she reminded herself that she came all this way to achieve her dreams, so she pushed through her shyness and made the most out of her time in the UK. And boy, did it pay off! Her newfound confidence made her more goal-oriented, and now she believes she can do anything she sets her mind to, both personally and professionally. So, if you're a Papua New Guinean looking to live and work abroad, or just someone interested in joining a social club like the London Socials Members Club, go for it, girl! It's never too late to chase your dreams and goals. Joining a club like this is an excellent way to meet new people, attend fun events, and make lifelong friends who uplift and support each other. Our interviewee's story is proof that with hard work, determination, and a willingness to step out of your comfort zone, you can achieve anything you set your mind to. So go ahead and take that leap, ladies! Pursue your dreams and goals, and let nothing hold you back!

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