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Puppy Yoga!

Calling all dog lovers!! Want to become fit along with fur babies?! Puppies and yoga! Nothing can be better than this. Puppy lovers are connected through movement and mindfulness, and the puppies become happier! Join your own puppy yoga class.

Animal interaction helps in reducing levels of cortisol, a hormone related to stress, along with lowering blood pressure. Puppy yoga is a perfect way to achieve this. These fur babies can reduce loneliness, increase feeling of support and boost your mood more than humans!! All of the puppies come from trusted breeders and you can help them become happier and healthier dogs! Interaction with humans help them become more confident and healthy.

Come over to a session of yoga with puppies after a long tiring day at work. As soon as you reach, you are met with cuddles, kisses and a ton of love. You also get play time with them! After the yoga session, you can socialise with other members of the group while enjoying some refreshing snacks and drinks.

This will surely bring a smile to your face and fill your heart with a bucket of love.

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