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Happy Friday Ladies!

If you have to be naughty, be nice 🤣

It’s Friday!!!

Hey scent goddesses, was just wondering if it’s just me or does anyone else keep their pretty perfume bottles

I hope you’re out there being and smelling amazing x

Jul 13

I have kept a few 😂😂😂


It’s Friyay!

Let’s get into blind purchases either based on a recommendation, a quick smell test in store or caught a whiff of something nice on someone else and thought to try it out!

Was your experience a hit or a miss? I hit the jackpot with LV’s — “Spell on you” earlier this year, doing a quick smell test in store and I’m not disappointed. Share your blind purchase jackpots or regrets.

Wishing all the fragrance lovers a fab Friyay!  Encourage another lady with your words while you are out and about today, perhaps with something like..

“You Smell Amazing”

Jul 07

Valentino born in Roma.

I bought this perfume because of the review and hype I saw online. It has top notes of blackcurrant and bergamot, and base notes of bourbon vanilla and cashmeran etc.

I wasn’t disappointed at the purchase, will definitely buy again.


Really glad this group was created 😊 I love a good fragrance.

My current go to fragrances are Oud based fragrances. I think they go really well in the winter months.

the oud perfume: Madawi, Resala, Rose Oud

Another good fragrance: ombré nomade

It’s a challenge to find a good perfume for summer though 🫣

Abby A
Jun 30

Such great scents you have listed hun!

I would agree that oud based fragrances do tend to work well in the colder season and last longer in my opinion, especially the MFK scents. Baccarat Rouge is usually my go to but still slowly building a collection. Kayali has also piqued my interest.



Welcome to The Scent Lounge! A space I created for us ladies...


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