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About Us

Where it all started

I woke up one day and realised I'm walking this earth with a very small circle of people that I can call on for aid. Identifying as an introvert my whole life, I gave myself an excuse not to make a large group of friends. So, I was single again, and this time I felt lonelier than before. Previously, I lived in this delusion that I liked having one friend to do everything with, and being in my own space was my happy place. The reality was if she wasn't available, then that's where the adventure stopped, and I was heartbroken, needing a distraction. Suddenly, there was so much out there I wanted to experience, try, and explore. After much searching, I came across a few apps that were like Tinder for friendships. Still, it's hard scrolling through profiles and getting commitments from strangers. So, I powered through and decided to create my first meet-up. Taking on the risk of five women not showing up, but they did. Since then, I've made it my mission to take away your risk, the hassle of planning, and the fear of turning up lost.

Demi Bradshaw

Embracing Diversity

A The LSM Club, we embrace and uplift all women, recognizing the power and potential within our diversity. We refuse to diminish ourselves by creating divides based on cultural differences or race. Instead, we stand united, celebrating the unique strengths and perspectives that each woman brings to our community. Together, we are powerful. Together, we thrive.

We have the privilege of leading our community on  amazing experiences. Joining signifies the start of a remarkable journey  – You'll be embarking on an exciting venture to become a more engaged person in our female space! Step by step, you'll discover how to actively connect with the community, participate in club activities, and share your successes with people who are on the same path. At each stage, you'll earn a tokens to showcase your progress and receive a reward for your achievements. Get ready to transform how you connect with others, and enjoy the satisfaction of continuous progress. We believe that this world cannot to be walked through alone and our mission is to be the central space where women find each other. For.. friendship, community, development belonging, adventure and happiness. Come on a journey to be a better version of yourself and gain the tools to hone in on a superior lifestyle

Are you ready to put yourself on the priority list.


Our unique member journey centers on three pillars: Community, Recognition, and Personal Development.

Vibrant Community:

  • Connect with exceptional women who share your passions and aspirations.

  • Forge lasting relationships through shared experiences and mutual support.

  • Experience the joy of belonging to a community that celebrates individuality.


Recognition and Rewards

  • Unlock badges and prizes at every stage of your journey, symbolising your dedication.

  • Earn points for your active participation, turning each milestone into a tangible reward.

  • Receive personalised shout-outs, exclusive gifts, and even the chance to star on our Wall of Fame.


Personal Development

  • Embark on a tailored member journey designed for continuous growth.

  • Participate in diverse events and activities that enhance your personal skills and broaden your horizons.

  • Achieve personal milestones while contributing to the collective success of the LSM Club community.

What To Expect

Experience the exclusive lifestyle of LSM – where membership means more than just access.








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