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About Us

Where it all started

I woke up one day and realised I'm walking this earth with a very small circle of people that I can call on for aid. Identifying as an introvert my whole life, I gave myself an excuse not to make a large group of friends. So, I was single again, and this time I felt lonelier than before. Previously, I lived in this delusion that I liked having one friend to do everything with, and being in my own space was my happy place. The reality was if she wasn't available, then that's where the adventure stopped, and I was heartbroken, needing a distraction. Suddenly, there was so much out there I wanted to experience, try, and explore. After much searching, I came across a few apps that were like Tinder for friendships. Still, it's hard scrolling through profiles and getting commitments from strangers. So, I powered through and decided to create my first meet-up. Taking on the risk of five women not showing up, but they did. Since then, I've made it my mission to take away your risk, the hassle of planning, and the fear of turning up lost.

Demi Bradshaw


Be fearless

Show up without having to book a table, putting your card down, or organising the entertainment. All you do is show up and have fun without the fear. We are normalising turning up to an LSM space alone because we are the friend you are coming to meet. If there is an event, we're open. Don't worry about closing times if you're lost or need directions. Our team is always there when you need.


You've found a community where when your birthday comes up, we come together for you. Invest the time to get to know us and find the people you didn't know you needed in your life.

LSM Hosts

Our hosts are your best friend. They greet you in the group and you can reach them at any time running up to each event. Feel welcome, get introduced to others and  find out the agenda. If you're shy then chat to one person who is consciously aware of how it might feel about joining for the 1st time. The LSM host.


We're not just an app; we're the reason you leave the apps. Yes, we encourage talking and engagement on the club app, but we also drive discussions around topics like 'What career are you in?' and 'Let's try this new spot.' 'Where do we meet?' and 'What do I wear?

Most importantly, belong

Women being a minority doesn't need to make us weak but LSM accepts all women because we are already a minority. We don't need to make ourselves any smaller, separating based on cultural differences or race.


 “I can honestly say I love London Socials members club. Talking about this will make me cry coz I met everyone and they all made me feel so welcome straight from the very beginning! I swear every one of the ladies at LSM Club are beautiful inside and out and I love each one of them. To be honest, I joined other clubs but didn’t get the same friendly positive vibes as I got from LSM club! My first event was Bowling at the Queen’s bowling alley (hope I say the right place) , then the one at Sips Nail bar and just recently the event at Ballie Ballison .It breaks my heart that I’ll be leaving and will miss attending some of the events with my new friends but I plan on returning so surely will catch up again when I return”

Ayeesha Boaz

Hear from our members


Growing up in a strict Christian family, with her dad serving in the army and her mom running her own business from home, she learned early on the importance of working hard to achieve her dreams. Despite the strict upbringing, she still had a blast as a kid and even dreamt of traveling the world. And guess what?  

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