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Physical Health

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@Everyone Apologies for delay!

The 30-day walking challenge is live and ready! It will certainly be a challenge but let’s make it fun!

We start today!


Get yourselves prepared. Start your healthy food shopping. A Walking Program will go live tomorrow for all participating to join and the 30 day walking challenge begins Tuesday 22nd May. 💪


Would @Everyone be interested in a 30 day group walking challenge. Where we share our daily walking efforts? During this time eat healthily and post meals to keep accountable?


Real talk! Something we don’t get to chat about at events. You show up glammed up and no one knows. Dealing with chronic pain, fatigue, or illness is something many of us face, but it's not always spoken about. Have you ever had days where just getting out of bed feels like a marathon? How do you cope when your body feels like it's working against you? What is your our experiences and tips for dealing?


Welcome to our Physical Health Community!

This group is dedicated to supporting each other in our journey towards improved physical health and wellness. Whether you're looking to get in shape, eat healthier, manage a chronic condition, or simply stay active, this is the place for you.


When introducing yourself, share a bit about your health goals, what motivates you, and any challenges you're facing. For example: "Hi everyone, I'm [Name]. I'm here to focus on improving my fitness level and eating habits. I love hiking and hope to run a marathon someday, but right now I struggle with staying consistent. Looking forward to supporting and being supported by this awesome community!”



    Welcome to our Physical Health Community! This group is ded...
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