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Selfcare Sundays 🌸

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🌸Happy selfcare Sunday ladies 🌸

what does everyone have planned for their selfcare day?

Started off the day trying to make myself some matcha ( it didn’t work) 😂😂 did some Journalling and gratitude. Have a hot yoga session at 10 🧘🏽‍♀️ and I am going to buy some flowers on my way home.

The rest of the day might include binge watching bridgerton, with some snacks 🫣😂

Also what are you grateful for today? We often forget how blessed we are by not acknowledging what we already have.

I am grateful for my family and friends, I am grateful for good health ( mentally, physically, emotionally and spiritually) I am grateful for the food and water, I am grateful I am happy.

Abby A
May 19

Happy self care Sunday everyone.

I am grateful for Gods grace and many mercies. As we all know life be lifeing and we sometimes go through life without acknowledging how much grace and mercy we have so I’m very grateful for that.

I’m especially grateful today for the fact I have somewhere I am happy with that is safe and comfortable to lay my head down after my three consecutive night shifts. Ive just completed three night shifts this morning and couldn’t wait to get home so I am grateful for a place to call home and continued provisions to be able to provide myself and my son a place to call home.

For self care today, I plan on a self pampering and relaxation evening. I plan on having a home facial, and body care. Also an Epsom salt bath with candles, self love music and aromatherapy. Ive just woken up about an hour ago so I’m about to start my Salmon, potato and veg dinner.

I’m also going to try some journaling as I really want to develop a daily journaling routine.

That’s me for my self care evening



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