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Your Questions, Answered


  • How do I join an event for the 1st time?
    Simply book a ticket to one of our upcoming events that is open for both members and non-members, and sign up to our newsletter to keep updated. If you want to attend a specific event that is open to members only, you have to sign up for our membership to gain access to those tickets and join our groups, get in contact with other members and attend events together.
  • Do I need to become a member to participate?
    No. You do not have to be a member to participate. Although being a member does come with it's benefits such as, discounts, access to member groups, birthday treats, and more.
  • How often do the London Socials Members get together?
    At least once a week.
  • Why was the club created?
    To create a space for people to meet each other as it’s not conventional for ladies to ask other ladies to meet. It is also harder to make new friends in adulthood, and social apps are not interactive. We found that it is easier meeting strangers in a group environment and this in a way decreases the pressure. So we created this club to take away those problems and build something bigger for ourselves.
  • Why Us?
    Ever wanted to go to a function like Ascot, a festival or even just a simple brunch but don't have the numbers to go with? That is where we come in! This club was created to provide companionship to other women in the same situation.
  • Our values.
    Sophisticated women who are adventurous, strong-minded and want to be a part of a solution-focused community. We aim to uplift, encourage and support each other while being true to ourselves.
  • Do you plan holidays?
    Holidays are something we are planning to undertake in the coming months. Keep an eye on our events page for the same! Sign up for the newsletter to be one of the first people to book!
  • Who are we?
    The LSM club is a growing community bringing together women from different backgrounds for exciting social and networking events.
  • What is LS connect?
    LS Connect is a platform designed to bring women in business together. We are here to encourage your development and growth through our business socials. We welcome entrepreneurs to connect with us to attend reputable business events across London.
  • Who is in the LSM club?
    Our club consists of women from different parts of London and outside, who have come together for several different reasons, but mainly to network in a fun way!
  • Can you build friendships?
    The main purpose of this club is to enable you to create friendships with other women like yourself. You might become best friends or just acquaintances! But we promise you will leave with loads of friends.
  • Can members socialize separate to normal events.
    Yes. Anyone can meet in the club and socialize outside of the group. This is a place to meet new friends outside of your social circle, while having new experiences with other people as and when you want to.
  • Does anyone know each other?
    We're all mostly strangers depending on how long you have been a part of the club. There are new faces at every meet-up, who almost always come alone.
  • Do you offer refunds
    Tickets are transferable but not refundable. Members tickets can be transferred to other members. Member tickets cannot be transferred to non members. Non member tickets can be transferred to members and non members.
  • Refunds
    Tickets are non-transferable, non-refundable and cannot be resold. Members tickets cannot be transferred to other members. Member tickets cannot be transferred to non members. Non member tickets cannot be transferred to members and non members.
  • Cancellations
    Cancellations are not accepted, but you can always transfer your ticket to another person. However, please notify us of the person's details within 24 hours.
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